Why We Go


Why We Go Magazine & Logo for WayPaver


The Magazine

WayPaver Foundation's Why We Go publication is an initiative to engage those outside of the space industry to the benefits of lunar settlement. We targeted 'not the usual space reader' to spark interest via eye-catching, simplistic graphics and non-traditional space themes.

 Creation of a theme that was slightly spacey, sans cliché usage of stars, planets and spaceships combined with heavy use of white space, geometric shapes and bold splashes of color. Each article features its own graphic-heavy cover page and clean, readable content. The black cover page neatly packages the rainbow of articles within.

Below, see highlights from the publication. Read the full 40pg WhyWeGo, Vol 1 here.



Plain, versatile, and ultra-simple, we created a logo to convey interaction between the earth and the moon.

Heavy use of circles throughout added to a subtle space theme.


♥ Special shout out to the incredible CTO at WayPaver, Patrick Gray.