Liz Reddinger
Liz Reddinger

Lucid Robotics

New York City, 2014


Logo & Character Design for Lucid Robotics

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The Project

As my first ever opportunity to work in design, I joined the small team at Lucid Robotics in New York City back in 2014. As the only designer, it was up to me to create our v1 logo and character design for the product. Lucid was working on a homemaker humanoid robot with a quirky personality and the simple ability to transport objects under 5lbs (pill bottles, glasses of water, phones, dishcloths, etc). Primarily for the elderly, disabled, and early childhood audiences, the product needed to look approachable and friendly.


Lucid's first gen product needed to combat the sterile, intimidating vibe of a literal machine-person that lives in your home. I started with plump, round shapes and a warm purple color.

The logo shape needed to almost look cute, and can appear to step forward with an outstretched helping hand. The crescent moon living in the negative space played on the team's idea to reference "lucid dreaming". 


Character Design

I aimed for an innocent, genderless face to coax a bit of positivity and play. Appealing to both younger children and the elderly, the cute Lucid face needed to first be accepted as a friend, rather than purely service provider. Rough, sketchy, human-hand drawn lines were incredibly important to this principle. 


♥ Special thanks to the team at Lucid, Vlad Kopman, Robert Wrazen, and Siraj Raval.