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Business Women's Network


Identity for SAP Business Women’s Network


The Project

SAP’s Business Women’s Network is the largest employee-driven network within SAP, driving towards a gender equal workplace and providing a safe space for women within the massive org to connect. Unfortunately BWN had little to no brand identity of their own. I was approached to create some collateral for their annual Women’s Day event, but turned into a full branding overhaul.

SAP’s brand yellow and black needed to be incorporated in some respect, so I looked to some of the beautiful ways history has portrayed the two colors together. I pulled lots of inspiration from Athenian pottery’s portrayal of faces in profile, and the obvious coolness factor of the Amazons.


Showcasing women from different backgrounds was an important element to the project. I wanted to show women together, lifting one another other up, and determined to make things happen. I went with a classic, ultra-versatile font and incorporated shades of purple to play on the Women’s Day #PressForProgress theme.



Since I didn’t have many sizing use cases (whew, no tricky favicon view), I was able to create something intertwined—each woman different from the other, yet all looking towards a brighter future.


Event Collateral & Stickers

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♥ Thank you to the Sr. Dir at SAP Concur, Fiona Ashley for entrusting me with this project, and to Lily Gilels for the immense support!